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Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

PBIS Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) is a program that MJUSD adopted during the Spring of 2016 and fully implemented during the 2017-18 school year.  We are still a work in progress, but finding successes along the way.  



At Modoc Middle School, we were looking for a way to positively promote our school culture/climate.  PBIS has allowed us a system to evaluate data and make positive changes to continually improve our school culture/climate.


The Warrior Way (attached) was the first step in rolling this program out to our students.  For students exemplifying positive behavior in all areas of the school, we created a recognition system.  The goal is that if students are reminded of what they are doing that is right, we are spending time addressing positive behavior, instead of negative behavior.


Students can earn signatures for exemplifying the the Warrior Way.  Signatures are the first step in giving the student a positive commendation.  The signatures also allow opportunity for students to earn their way to school events (assemblies, events, guest speakers), to make purchases at our MMS student store, and to apply for a Self-Manager Badge. (see PBIS Positive Reinforcement Levels)

PBIS Resources