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Once a Brave, always a Brave!



MHS Mission Statement

"With an unrelenting commitment to excellence, Modoc High School will prepare students with the knowledge and skills to become respectful and responsible citizens."


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School-Wide Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Prior to graduating from Modoc High School, students will:


Excel Academically:


- Earn a minimum of 260 credits in all required academic disciplines

- Show RIT growth annually 


Think Critically:


- Apply problem solving strategies

- Possess effective public speaking skills

- Write skillfully


Create a detailed plan for the high school years and beyond that includes:


- Long-term goals

- Suitable high school course selections

- Extra-curricular activities


Exhibit technological competence:


- Use applications effectively

- Apply problem-solving strategies to technology use


Demonstrate behavior and a work ethic that reflects:


- Dependability

- Integrity

- Honesty

- Care for the community


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College and Career Counselor
Contact Steph Curry  Steph Curry (530) 233-7201 ex: 414 College & Career Advisor

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